Is your Husband Trending on Lulu?

One of my mommy friends texted me last night: is your husband on LULU??  I downloaded the free Lulu app & there, clear as day, any man in my social network that Lulu thinks I might be interested in including some of my friends’ husbands were on there.  One of the profiles had a picture of the guys wife and kids.  This is because that is his profile picture on Facebook – along with some derogatory hashtags #wonderingeye #lovesmirrors #alwayspays & a score of 5.0.


Lulu is a dating app for women, to check out men before they date them and review them when they are done.  Men are scored out of ten and women can choose from various positive or negative hashtags such as #wasmeantomydog #bigfeet and even #selfobsessed.

I want to F-bomb Lulu; they don’t discriminate against married men??? That’s scummy, even in this day and age. I guess it was created by two single women…  That’s right!! an angry ex-girlfriend can now add whatever their experience was with your husband and it’s totally anonymous.  If your husband is on Facebook he may also be on Lulu for people in his social network to see – a single co-worker that uses the app or even your family members.

It’s not that Lulu does not pickup relationship status – It does and it does not care.  At the bottom of your husband’s profile page in small italics it will say married. 

There is a way for your husband to delete his profile, but this won’t stop future women from creating new ones.

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  1. Chus

    There is another app for reviewing people. It is Reput.
    Reput is open to both genders and allows its users to express themselves freely, not limited to choosing from a bunch of artificial hashtags.
    Reput concern us all. Reput is the social network you are already a part of

  2. Chris

    Apps like these that let you anonymously rate anyone who hasn’t consented to it is a disaster for privacy and decency no matter your marital status. The fact that one is somehow granted the freedom to comment on another person given by name whilst staying anonymously yourself just because it’s dating is of course not right and would not be tolerated in most other contexts. So what is it with dating that legitimates such freedom to publicly share your opinion? One can only imagine but what seems to be set forth are issues concerning “security” and “avoiding creepy guys”. Well, as far as I can see it’s still possible to use common sense, ask your friends and use the gut feeling, or use services where people have consented to being rated (which is much less of a problem).

    I can only see the future, online bashing and detrimental behavior online is already a big problem and continues to grow. It’s a potential tool for stalkers and others that wish to harm you and only adds to the problem of online bullying. We’ve already seen examples that cases of online bullying might potentially destroy careers and lives and some have committed suicide. Not that everyone posting a comment is solely responsible, but a person that have been bashed and experienced harassment for an extended period of time may be “pushed over the edge” by online bullying.

    So, I’d urge anyone to not condone the use of these types of apps. Let the makers know that their methods are _not_ ok the hard way, by denying their sought after market share. Apparantly it’s the only thing that’s going to work, it’s all kind of sad.

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