Lollitot’s objective is to give you the non-disclaimer on being a mom in the Big Apple.  I created lollitot.com/blog so I could share my experiences of navigating motherhood with my two prima-donnas Miss M (2) and Miss L (4) in tow.

I dish the inside scoop on what is trending, the ins and outs of all things parenting from schools and NYC suburbs to how to deal with the craziness that comes with being an urban parent in today’s world. I am a SAHM / mommy blogger. I hold a BA in Anthropology from UC Berkeley and love writing about different types of parenting styles; I guess it’s the current anthropology of motherhood.

To me lollitot.com/blog is more than a blog, it’s my baby…[so you will only see what’s actually happening] and what’s important to parents in today’s world.

Hope you enjoy lollitot.com/blog and thank you for visiting

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  1. Jaimee Cormick

    Hey Rosie – just wanted to say I love Lollitot! Very interesting 🙂 – also have loved seeing the wee clips of you on tv with some big names talking about being a stay at home mum! Good on you for what you have achieved – looks like that you have worked very hard and have been very busy! Go you!

  2. Debbie

    Thanks for great information and what’s happening in the city. As a mother of 2 girls I especially appreciate your insight and humor! As far as trending, I just found this great site for all natural maternity and baby products (especially sunscreen since everyone’s talking about toxins these days). They have a great variety and free shipping. Responsible parenting! http://www.mommy-care.com

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